Competition Entry   
CAMBOO Bamboo Landmark
by Building Trust International
Alexander Grasser
Honorable Mention

Bendboo is a susatinable lightweight structure, creating a complex space for exploration and social events using fabric and Bamboo. Stitching, weaving, and reinforcing, the structure gets buildt by adding bamboo poles at the exact marked positions on the fabric, forcing the fabric/bamboo composit to bend, self organizing the optimal form.”

By bending, twisting, cutting out holes and reconnecting them, a self interlocked moebius topology is generated, self organizing its final shape according to the structural bending behaviour of the bamboo-fabric composit.
Computationally analysed to optimize the bending- and overall- structural properties, the information concering the exact position of the bamboo, it’s length, the location of the integrated seams, curvature adaptations, connection points, as well as individual details, were printed on the fabric. Literally using the construction document to construct.
Two sheets of fabric, bendt, with exact markers for the bamboo pole -position, -length, and details allow for a efficient construction methode. To create the stuctural composit, the fabic’s integrated seams fuse the inserted bamboo poles (in exact position and length) with the fabric. If the curvature is to high at any point, a new bamboo is integrated.
To combine edges/boundaries, the bamboo gets extended and woven together using traditional bamboo construction methods.
Together the computationally optimized fabric and local bamboo, generate a sustainable lightweigth structure, providing a space for social gathering and exploring the potential of bamboo and fabric.

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