Competition Entry  - 2nd Prize
CLT Induction India
International Open Competition
by Aakar Design Private Ltd & Mitsubishi

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Team A
Alexandra Parger, Alexander Grasser

CLT HOMING, more than home.
a space where you grow.
a space that grows with you.

We propose a home not a house. A building that adapts to the living situations of its residents, incorporating the change of modern lifestyle. CLT Homing not only gives you the space to grow, but also grows with you. It’s open architecture and atmosphere creates a space of belonging and takes under consideration the different living situations one experiences during a lifetime.

The cross laminated timber construction system is designed to be easily extended and shared if not needed anymore. Once the structure is built the areas can be connected towards the four sides. If demounted the cross laminated timber plates can be reused and recycled to extend the life cycle of the timber material and minimize waste. The single unit is 36m2 and can be stacked or combined in a variety of ways. The basic structure is then ready for spatial appropriation by the residents to turn their voxel units into, not “a”, but “their” home, facade elements as well as other components can be designed and customized. This creates a sense of co-design between the residents and the architecture.

CLT Homing channels interaction through it’s spatial choreography: chance encounters, generous semi-public spaces, individual balconies and a strong community feeling. With its planet centric approach, the design embodies responsibility and sustainability, creating a space of wellbeing and biophilic environments, timber structures, natural materials and greenery.

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