20.September 2023
@ECAADE 2023 Conference 

“Decentralized Participation and Agency in Digital Art and Architecture, An Exploration of Pixel and Voxel-Based Case Studies”- Collaborative objects and cultural production

Full Paper Presentation, Authors: Alexander Grasser-Parger
ECAADE 2023, Session 3.3: ‘ Collaboration & Participation’.
18.09.- 23.09.2023, Graz Universitiy of Technology, Austria. 
Link to Paper: ECAADE2023

Session Chair: Alexander Grasser-Parger
ECAADE 2023, Session 1.4: ‘Online Collaboration & Education’.

Session Chair: Alexander Grasser-Parger
ECAADE 2023, Session 6.4: ‘Generative Design & Experimantations’.

Conference Theme: [text form the conference website]

“ Computer-Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) is a common and established method in architecture today. Yet, with the accelerated and ever-growing number of applications in architectural practice and research, reflection and re-evaluation don’t always keep step with the pace of progress. In 2003, at the 21st eCAADE conference in Graz, Austria, the conference served as a catalyst for ideas and concepts on digital design at a time now referred to as the first digital turn.

20 years later, in 2023, the 41st eCAADe conference in Graz aims to once again provide a forum for open reflection and reconsideration of the last decades of digital design in architecture, to capture the current discourse on the digital in architecture. By revisiting earlier concepts, we might recognize and anticipate a shift in the application of CAAD, we might observe a second digital turn, towards a more sustainable, participatory, collaborative, efficient, open, inclusive, complex, reconsidered digital architecture. It is in this spirit that this year’s eCAADe conference ‘Digital Design Reconsidered’ invites you to submit a paper. We look forward to welcoming you in Graz.

see further information on the conference: ecaade2023.tugraz.at

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