11.September 2019

“Towards an Architecture of Collaborative Objects”

Full Paper Presentation at ECAADE SIGRADI:
ECAADE SIGRADI 2019, Session D1S2R1 Design - Collaboration and Participation. 11.09.2019- 13.09.2019, Porto, Portugal.

Conference Theme: [text form the conference website]

“Today, we live in a moment of profound and accelerated changes in the way we perceive and interact with the world, which many authors do not hesitate to call as “the 4th Industrial Revolution”. Extraordinary advancements in areas like mobile communication, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, nanotechnology, biotechnology, facial recognition, robotics or additive manufacturing are fusing the physical, biological and digital systems of production.
Such technological context has triggered a series of disruptive concepts and innovations, like the smart-phone, social networks, online gaming, internet of things, smart materials, interactive environments, personal fabrication, 3D printing, virtual and augmented realities, drones, self-driving cars or the smart cities, which, all together, are drawing a radically new world.

Like in the past, if the world changes, the discipline of architecture cannot remain indifferent. It must understand and adapt to the new circumstances and also, why not, orient some of the undergoing transformations. Since digital technologies are at the core of the emerging paradigm, we invite academicians, researchers, professionals and students to address how digital technologies are shaping the place and role of architecture in the age of the 4th industrial revolution.

What is the impact of new technologies in architectural education and practice? What are the emerging opportunities and main threats to our discipline caused by the rise of intelligent agents and new materialities? How architects are (or should) balancing between a position of critical resistance and that of faithful adoption regarding the convergence of cyber, physical and biological systems?

These are just some of the questions that might be addressed in the eCAADe SIGraDi 2019 Conference.

see further information on the conference: ecaadesigradi2019.arq.up.pt

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