Competition Entry  - FINALIST
FITT Future Headquaters Competition
International Open Competition
by Yound Architects Competitions

Link: Competition Results
Team A
Alexandra Parger, Alexander Grasser

The FITT Heartquarters is a complex social ecosystem, a playground for growth and innovation, providing a sense of identification to the company’s core values.

With the rise of tele-work, the FITT campus provides multiple reasons to come to the office, it is the head and the heart of the company. It’s open architecture and atmosphere creates a space of belonging and takes under consideration the physical and mental health of their users. FITT Heartquarters channels interaction through it’s spatial choreography: chance encounters, inspiring detours, different design languages. With it’s planet centric approach, the design embodies responsability and sustainability, creating a space of wellbeing and biophilic environments, through 3D printed elements, timber structures, natural materials and greenery. Different workmodes can be found throughout the building, from laboratories, to focus spaces, collaboration hubs, phygital meeting rooms to more third-place like office spaces, like the library or the green coffee corners. Fitt Heartquarter lets the employee choose where and how to work, knowing and trusting they’ll find the best circomstances to maintain a high productivity, as the modules are highly customizable. Efficiancy and concentration can be found in multiple forms and mindsets, therefore these inclusive spaces provide a sense of transparency and low hierarchy, inviting the local community to appropriate it.

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