Competition Entry
Floating Toy Museum Competition
by Arquitectum
Alexander Grasser

Hyperplay, floating in the canals of amsterdam, the toy formation, abstracted by its architectural scale, plays with the perception of the visitors. the toys kiss each other in a highly contextual relation to the waters. ”

Hyperplay -ToyFormation- A Toy Museum is a place to play, experience new emotions and get inspired. Floating in the waters of Amsterdam, the HYPERPLAY - ToyFormation is an architectural object, dedicated to those desires. The building as a Toy for the City of Amsterdam, is extroverted, inviting the citizens to have a break and play. A waterfall, splashing, creating fog and a noise soundscape, is giving the location a specific atmosphere to escape the daily routine, refering as well to the close relation of Amsterdam to water. 
HYPERPLAY is composed of five aggregated objects, nesting into one another, allowing for different scenarios of use, from standard museum routine to events, lectures, workshops and temporary exhibitions. The ciculation is using ramps, from exhibition platform to platform, disrupted by seating cones with framed views of Amsterdam to rest and play. The Structure is a lightweight composite system, computationally analyzed and fiber reinforced according to the force flow. Looking through the multiple transparent and reflective layers of the composite the image of the city gets distorted.
HYPERPLAY- ToyFormation - Fun.

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