Competition Entry
Bus:Halt Competition
International Open Competition
by Architektur Haus Kärnten

Alexander Grasser

“Moxl, a Mobility Hub for the Collaborative Commons. An Architecture to celebrate the sharing of (waiting)Time, Objects, Information, sustainable Mobility, as well as regional Products. ”

Moxl is about an architectural upgrading of local mobility nodes in regional areas, in order to make sustainable public transport and tourism more attractive. Local Communities can participate actively in shaping both the form and the function of the Moxl, since the modules can be combined in many ways and adaptive solutions are possible.
Each Moxl module has a storage capacity that can be filled with information from local authorities, public transport timetables and regional products of local Prosumers. After getting off, at the Moxl bus stop, you will immediately get an overview of regional specialties and current events. The active participation of the inhabitants promotes the regional character, the mobility hub becomes a social meeting place of shared identity.
The Moxl Mobility Hub gets assembled, using 3 types of elements:
- Moxl modules, wood cube(voxel), with multifunctional storage/interaction capacity
- Moxl supports, to ensure constructive wood protection near the ground
- Solar Moxl, wooden roof slabs, which can be equipped with solar panels.
The simple modules can be produced environmentally friendly in series, and transported in a space-saving way to the mobility nodes. Due to their low weight, as well as the low technical effort, which is needed to connect the modules, a fast construction is possible. Local adjustments, extensions, and the replacement of defective modules are easy to achieve.
The Modular Moxl Station thus enables a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and local collaborative character strengthening vision for the future mobiliy hub.

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