Open Architecture Seminar



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@ Institute of Architecture and Media | TU Graz
Master Seminar .SS .2021
Alexander Grasser

Felix Dokonal, Sabrina Hofer, Kilian Hoffmann, Fabian Jäger, Julian Jauk, Kilian Elias Kleibel-McGee, Julius Johannes Kotthoff, Maria Matthäus, Kristijan Ristoski, Marie-Theres Schwaighofer, Patrick Seidl, Maria Katharina Slawitsch, Richard Steidl, Marco Alexander Tretnjak .student tutor: Fabian Jäger
@Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz

.Open Architecture Seminar

OPEN ARCHITECTURE Seminar explores the adaptability and openness of digital structures that get informed by real-time participatory architects.

Open Architecture can grow and adapt. It can change over time and provide a resilient structure for a sustainable future. At first, this seminar introduces previous concepts of structuralism, modular planning, and participatory engagement. Next, we will apply an open participatory digital workflow to design and visualize architecture as open form: a multi-authored architectural project. Furthermore, this workflow allows for playful design sessions in distributed - telepresent - teams.
Grasser 2021

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