Inter-(meta)active Installation, Exhibition
Exhibition #9: DARK BODY 
Spektum Gallery, Berlin
Alexander Grasser, Marvin Bratke


“ Visualizing collective memory. The installation is a representation from live recorded motion data of the exhibition’s visitors, blurring the lines between physical and digital through an interactive feedback loop. ”

The exhibition showcaseds a digital interface that captures the invisible fields surrounding our bodies and visualizes their constant flux and our presence’s influence on them. Through machine vision we can visualize immaterial energies within our environment (electromagnetic, thermodynamic, acoustic, and chemical). The energy fields become an own enterprise for the creation of possible future design agendas, almost like a virtual instrument for experimentation. The driving force behind the installation is the creation of a representation from live recorded motion data of the exhibition’s visitors, blurring the lines between physical and digital realm through an interactive feedback loop. The project is a three-dimensional, digital metaphor of real life processes influenced by the precision, rich detail, fine mechanism and energy of the body’s motion that create a reference to the otherwise invisible space. The installation creates a polyvalence that implies that numerous designed affects with multiple desirable attributes will co-exist intrinsically within the projection mapping output. A custom algorithm weighs incoming datasets from the choreography and creates different tectonics and subdivisions that represent persistence and change in the recorded field. The audience is tracked and 3dimensionally scanned via depth cameras. A 3D printer produces a physical geometry representation of these hidden fields. The installation exhibits these in the form of objects, referred to as “Memory Rings” that are a refelection of individual moments, captured during the exhibition. In a larger assembly, they form a vertical timeline, representing the collective history of the event and it’s personal and intricate human interactions. It celebrates the open-sourced design process of the final objects through digital craftsmanship. Accomplished through custom written algorithms for the production of the final bodies, the installation lets all visitors be part of a collective design process of intricate and unique pieces. The project’s intent is to deliver a message of space, change, behavior, reaction, movement and flows through matter materialization and results in a digitally augmented eclecticism as well as a physical representation in a representational timeline column, a rapid prototyped sculpture, printed live at the exhibition. One material creates different tectonics that represent persistence and change at the same time, like one visitor subjectively interprets the space around him through his motion.

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