Competition Entry
School Without Classroom
International Open Competition
by Archasm

Alexandra Parger, Alexander Grasser

“Pull your school is an innovative learning environment where the children are invited to create and customize their study atmosphere. The flexible membrane ceiling inspires and allows diverse school concepts. The school should empower teachers and children to interact with each other aswell as with architecture. ”

To avoid standardized classrooms, to educate standardized kids, Co-School is more an open elastic learning playground for diverse, inclusive and collaborative learning concepts.
The open floorplan can be transformed to create multiple heterogeneous learning environments, from intimate private tutoring, to leisure play-scapes, to grouped education as well as to provide a stage for public performances.
On the on hand, the mobile furniture allows for adaptive zoning of the classes, on the other hand the elastic membrane ceiling allows you to adapt the architecture to your needs. By pulling down one of the many knobs hanging down from the membrane ceiling, cave like classrooms can easily be generated, offering intimacy, a possible wall to project onto, as well as improved acoustic qualities.
Furthermore to the horizontal adaptive learning landscape, a generous outdoor playground, a partial roof-terrace and a library climbing tower allow for differentiated learning zones as well as provide room for physical activities.
The architecture invites for participation of the teachers, to adapt and enhance their teaching methods, as well as the children to actively engage, interact, play, appreciate and improve their three-dimensional learning environments.
An collaborative learning architecture. 

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