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Tribute to Herbert W.Franke

1/1 textile artwork 


Minted 29.09.2022
Auction 21.10.2022
ed. 1/1 

by @grasser_alex
TangibleComputation Collection

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This 1/1 NFT comes with a physical textile artwork: an original tapestry/blanket/wall rug - woven on an industrial jacquard loom. Size: 182 x 137 cm (72” x 54”)

Released on the occasion of the Tribute to Herbert W. Franke.
50% of the proceeds from primary sales will be donated to the art meets science – Foundation Herbert W. Franke, supporting the preservation and legacy of his artwork.

Tribute to Herbert W.Franke
by art meets science – the Foundation Herbert W. Franke
Curators: Anika Meier & Susanne Päch
@herbertwfranke #TributeHerbertWFranke

Tangible, 2022.
by Grasser Alexander.

The work of Herbert W. Franke can be described as pioneering in the fields of art and science, as well as visionary in its profound reflections on their implications for the future. As a pioneer of a new genre of art, “computer art,” Herbert W. Franke explored new tools and methods that challenged traditional aesthetics. A detailed discussion of this ambivalent relationship between art and science (as well as cybernetic concepts) can be found in his publications “Kunst kontra Technik? Wechselwirkungen zwischen Kunst, Naturwissenschaft und Technik(1978)” or “Phaenomen Kunst - Die naturwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen der Aesthetik(1967)”. In addition, Herbert W. Franke’s contribution to contextualizing the work of this then emerging field is recorded in publications such as “Computergrafik - Computerkunst (1971)”, an invaluable source of knowledge for generations to come.

In this publication “Computergrafik - Computerkunst” Herbert W. Franke writes among other things about the rapid development of computer graphics and speculates about its implications, which I quote here:
“The consequences resulting from this development are rather interesting from a social viewpoint: Every owner of a personal computer is basically in a position to design the patterns for his home environment; basically, it is already possible today to have materials, wallpapers, etc. printed according to one’s own designs or wishes, but industry is not yet sufficiently organized or prepared. This example clearly demonstrates that the increased use of computers, in connection with interactive methods which are oriented towards human needs, does not at all lead to the uniformity which many people have been afraid of, but will contribute to the shaping of our environment.” - (H.W. Franke, Computer Graphics - Computer Art ©1971 by Phaidon Press Limited, London)
It did not take many years for these ideas and visions to become more and more tangible. For example, Herbert W. Franke’s concepts of generative artworks that allow for a high degree of customization were featured and made accessible as Wolfram demonstration projects in 2011 ( However, generative artworks have only recently attracted mainstream attention through the innovation of blockchain technologies, creating a new market for generative artworks.

As an architect, educator, researcher, and artist who also works at the intersection of science, art, and architecture, this tangible vision of human-centered applications and customizable environments, architectures, and artworks is central to my work. Therefore, “Tangible” pays tribute to these developments by producing the curated output of a generative artwork (Elasticity on fx(hash)) as an industrially woven textile artwork, making the entire process and artwork tangible.

More information on TANGIBLE:
Twitter: @grasser_alex (see more details,zooms and videos of the textile artwork)
Elasticity fx(hash) Generative Token:
Fabricated with: @GlitchTextiles

Shipping & Resale:
This NFT comes with the original textile artwork, international shipping is included. If you purchased the artwork, please contact @grasser_alex to arrange shipping. If you resell this NFT on the secondary market, the original artwork must be shipped to the new owner. Shipping costs will be paid by the new owner.

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