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enabling realtime collaboration and participation 


hicetnunc OBJKT#329393
published 19.09.2021
ed. 75/100 minted ︎

by @grasser_alex
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_______ H=N BLOCK + A __________
H=N BLOCK+A is an extension patch(Architecture Kit) for H=N BLOCK(OBJKT#187962), enabling realtime collaborative and participatory design using an architectural kit of parts.
_______ Realtime Participatory Architecture __________
This OJKT enables realtime collaboration and interaction at Hic et Nunc, by providing an inclusive platform for participatory design activities: Here and Now BLOCK. H=N BLOCK celebrates the H=N Community, allowing multiple users to contribute to a multi-subjective & multi-objective collaborative whole, an open architecture of collaborative objects. These shared blocks are visible as long as a visitor is Here And Now. This ephemeral persistence allows for community design sessions, various user-generated content, curated live events, and variation through participation. _______Navigation__________
Move: [w, a, s, d] [q, e]
Move up/down: [q, e]
Rotate View: [LeftClickHold + move Mouse in direction] _______Place BLOCK__________
PlaceBLOCK: [LeftMouseClick]
DeleteBLOCK: [RightMouseButton]
PlaceBLOCK ProBuilderMode: [1|2|3|4|5|6|7] (to select a specific part of the current Kit of Parts)
PlaceBLOCK RandomMode: [8] (to enable random part selection mode of the current Kit of Parts)
Use standard Kit of Parts: [r]
_______Display Functions__________
Show BLOCK Owner Names: [n] on/off
Color Mode ON: [c]
Color Mode OFF: [v]
_______Animate Growth Functions__________
Animate BLOCK Sequence: [u]
Animate BLOCK Sequence Show All: [o]
_______Unlockable Content Functions__________
There is Unlockable Content embedded, check my twitter to learn how to unlock certain Functions & 3D Content.
by Alexander Grasser, 2021 @grasser_alex #collaborativeobjects #realtimearchitecture #architecturemachine _________________
This is an experimental NFT, that works Here and Now, but as it calls external APIs, there is the chance that it might break in the future. If that happens I'll try to upgrade it, but can't ensure if that is possible.

Unlock 01

Unlock 02

Unlock 03

Unlock 04

Unlock 05

Unlock 06

Unlock 07
Unlock 08

OS.01-16 @ H=N BLOCK+A

Holders of this OBJKT will have full access to all the unlockable content at H=N BLOCK+A.

H=N Community BLOCK+A °01 

documenting realtime collaboration and participation
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