Crypto Art - NFT - Realtime Collaborative Tokens - H=N BLOCK + A

#CleanNFT #Blockchain #VariationThroughParticipation #CreativeCoding #RealtimeArchitecture #CollaborativeObjects


Move: [w, a, s, d] [q, e]

Move up/down: [q, e]

Rotate View: [LeftClickHold + move Mouse in direction]
_______Place BLOCK__________

PlaceBLOCK: [LeftMouseClick]

DeleteBLOCK: [RightMouseButton]

PlaceBLOCK ProBuilderMode: [1|2|3|4|5|6|7] (to select a specific part of
the current Kit of Parts)

PlaceBLOCK RandomMode: [8] (to enable random part selection mode of the
current Kit of Parts)

Use standard Kit of Parts: [r]

_______Display Functions__________

Show BLOCK Owner Names: [n] on/off

Color Mode ON: [c]

Color Mode OFF: [v]

_______Animate Growth Functions__________

Animate BLOCK Sequence: [u]

Animate BLOCK Sequence Show All: [o]

_______Unlockable Content Functions__________
There is Unlockable Content embedded, check my twitter to learn how to
unlock certain Functions & 3D Content.


H=N BLOCK + A by Alexander Grasser, 2021
@grasser_alex #collaborativeobjects #realtimearchitecture

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